Seminar: Strike Camp w/ Aaron Orion

By Pure Pro Wrestling (other events)

Tuesday, December 11 2018 7:00 PM 9:00 PM

For the past decade Aaron Orion has worked hard to make himself one of the premiere pro wrestlers in the Midwest. In the ring AOis known to be one of the most convincing strikers in the game today. Throwing a good strike is truly an art and it takes time and practice to perfect. AO will work with students to help perfect punches, forearms, kicks, headbutts, chops, back clubs, super kicks, and more! Great for those looking to learn “Strong Style.”

Time: 7 to 9

Cost: FREE to students who are currently enrolled in a monthly training membership and who have all dues paid (including Marty Jones seminar)

$10 for drop ins or non enrolled students

*Must be up-to-date on ALL fees in order to attend