PPW Retroslam 2019

By Pure Pro Wrestling (other events)

Saturday, March 2 2019 6:00 PM 9:00 PM

Pure Pro Wrestling Returns to Flint Iceland Arenas with RETROSLAM: A Tribue to the Extreme Era. This event will feature the top professional wrestlers in Pure Pro Wrestling laying it all on the line for your personal entertainment. Don't miss the Heroes & Villains of Pure Pro Wrestling as they take center stage in a truely EXTREME experience. 

Check out this amazing card!

Extreme Rules 2: Mr. One Night Only VS Dylan Night

Championship Tag Team Tornado Match: The Real Rizers (c) VS The Nomads

No Count Outs Match for the Michigan State Heavyweight Title: Gideon Malice (c) VS Lord Asmodeus

Michigan State Cruiserweight Championship Match: "Walking Ordinance" Adam Wick VS Big Bite Martinez

Tag Team Grudge Match: Dylan Derringer & Gueseppe Colonna VS Freedom Ramsay & Cobra T.A.

Junior Grappler Tag Team Elimination Bout

Grudge Match: Nick Xero VS Xavier Justice