Pro Wrestling Training (May)

By Pure Pro Wrestling (other events)

Wed, May 1 2019 12:00 AM Fri, May 31 2019 12:00 PM

PPW's Development Center (DC) is proud to roll out a new curriculum, schedule, & prices!
The DC is the premiere pro wrestling training center in the state of Michigan. The DC offers 2 rings, weight room complete w/ a cross fit & heavy bag area, locker rooms, showers, & a 2000 seat arena where PPW students showcase their skills every month. PPW's training program offers a complete staff of coaches featuring experienced and well traveled pro wrestlers as well as additional star guest coaches leading students through specialty seminars. The curriculum is designed to teach students the skills they need inside the ring combined with the knowledge they need outside the ring to create opportunity to be booked to perform on live events.

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Curriculum Changes Announced: In an effort to give our students the best possible training PPW will now be offering a "Pro Wrestling 101" beginners course & an Advanced Pro Wrestling Training Course. Each course will be offered 3 nights per week for a low price of only $50! In order to participate in the advanced course, students must be able to successfully pass the Pro Wrestling 101 beginners course. 

*Currently Enrolled Students will have a mandatory meeting on Saturday, May 4 at Flint Iceland Arenas at 4PM.

*Currently Enrolled Students will have a mandatory evaluation on Friday, May 17 at 7PM. The purpose of the evaluation is to properly access your progression and place you in the appropriate course. Certifications will be awarded to those currently enrolled and previously enrolled students who pass evaluations. 

Specialty Courses are Coming in June!

After the initial success run of our specialty seminars the PPW DC will begin featuring multi-part courses designed to prepare students for their journey into professional wrestling. Multiple members of PPW's coaching staff alongside special guest instructors will be teaching a broad array of specialty subjects such as resume building, professionalism, the art of the promo, character development, career mapping, branding/advertising/merchandising, social media use, TV wrestling and more! Coaches will also be teaching in ring specialty courses teaching advanced technique in psychology/story structure, spot, set building, aerial acrobats, mat/submission wrestling, high risk suplexes and throws.